Exploring Growth Mindset in the Elementary Classroom

Using a growth mindset  versus a fixed mindset makes a HUGE difference in helping students soar. Check out this post for ideas and resources you can use.

Growth mindset has been a topic I've grown very passionate about over the years. I have seen first hand how teaching students the difference between having a fixed mindset versus growth mindset matters. We work daily on improving our stamina, focus, and effort. In this post, I'll share how I first approach the idea of growth mindset in my classroom.

I feel that it is so important to teach our students how to basically talk to themselves.  Yes I said that... teaching kids how to talk to themselves!  Isn't that what we really mean when we speak of having a certain mindset?  Its all about what type of inner monologue we have.  Do we believe we can grow? or are we stuck in the thinking that we are not good at something and therefore we truly do become stuck?

In my classroom, I begin in the first week presenting this idea.  I start very simply by saying that our classroom will be a positive one.  Now I also go into how we respect others, their learning styles and paces, and always support one another.  I have what I call a "Positivity Wall".  This is something that has been building for a few years now.  Here is how it began.... just a few framed posters with some positive sayings of course!

Over the years, I have talked a lot about what these sayings mean to my students.  I always love hearing what they have to say about them and this also helps me get to know more about how they think at the same time!  I always tell my students that if they find a positive quote to add to our wall, I would be glad to display it.  Usually within a few days I have students handing me quotes that they have styled and designed to add to the wall!!

When we add a new saying to the wall, I always have the student who contributed it, share what it is and what it means to them or how the particular saying meant something to them.  This always adds a personal touch for my students and gives them immediate first week "pats on the back", not one kiddo has shared and walked away not feeling like they just accomplished something good!

Here is a little of what our wall now looks like!  I love it an keep it up year to year continuing to have each class contribute!

I will post more about how I continue our journey with growth mindset, so stay tuned!!

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