Get Out There and Take It!

I have been meaning to begin a blog. No. Wait. That’s not exactly correct. I have been meaning to design a blog for quite some time now. I think years even. Its not that I really even wanted to write on a blog. I mean who wants to hear what I have to say, right? At least that’s what I think anyway!

So here I am. I have finally designed my own blog. Hmmm. Now I must write I guess!

I thought what better way to start a blog than to talk to about going out and getting what you want! Or at least trying! It has taken me many years of living, teaching, being a mom, being a wife, etc. to finally realize that I am the one that is in charge of my own happiness. I know we all hear that all the time, but when you really come to understand it for yourself. It can be truly amazing.

I grew up in this era when technology in schools wasn’t even a thought, heck it was barely beginning to be in homes with the first computers. I know I am dating myself here!! As I continue my career as a teacher, technology has become so prevalent in our students’ lives and in our schools, that I figured I’d better make sure I was out in the front with learning software, apps, tools, etc. that could enhance my own learning and teaching! I didn’t sit back and wait for PD from my district, I went out there and bought books, listened to podcasts, and watched lots of Youtube videos! I learned! I wanted to learn, it became a passion! So here we are, my own blog, designed by me, for me (and anyone else that wants to follow along), which I designed by learning!

I have titled this post, Go Out There and Take It, because I believe that in life we need to go after the things we want. I am not meaning materials things, but other things that make us happy inside! For me…. designing a blog, learning some coding, and design along the way. Sometimes we need to be bold, step out of our comfort zone, and go for it. Yes we may fail, but I’d rather try and fail than not try at all. Who knows where it can take you!

I recently reached out to a company because I use their app with my students a lot in my classroom. I won’t say which one here, I feel another blog post may be worthy of that! Haha!

I reached out to them and now they are coming to visit my classroom! Seriously! That would never happen if I hadn’t put myself out there and reached out to them in the first place. Hey, what did I have to loose? They say no? and then I am right back where I started? Nothing to loose and everything to gain, right?

So here I am, now writing a blog. Feels weird to say. I put myself out there, learned, and will continue to learn as I go in my blogging life, my teaching life, and my family life.

I hope you follow my journey, it should be a wild ride!!

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