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Meet Kerry, the author of Lower Mountain Teachings. She offers tips and resources for students in the elementary grades.
Hello and welcome to my site! I'm Kerry, the author of Lower Mountain Teachings. I am excited that you dropped by, and I hope you will find things you need. If you need help, you can use the contact form to send me a message, and I'll get in touch with you.

A Little About Me

I have been teaching for 23 years at the same school!  I know that sounds crazy right?? I have been so lucky to have been able to stay where I love!  I started my career teaching a multi-age class of 4th and 5th graders.  After a few years of that, my partner teacher and I decided to discontinue the multi-age setting and become just 4th grade teachers for many reasons I will not get into.  YES.. I am still teaching 4th grade after all these years!

I have been with the same colleagues / teammates now for 21 years!  We compliment each others' teaching and have become family!  We have watched our own families grow together!  I have been very blessed to work with such amazing people by my side!!

With the growth of technology over the years, I have been inspired to incorporate technology into my classroom experiences in meaningful ways.  You can often find me behind my computer connected to various webinars, PD sessions, blogs, or any learning tools that I can find to help make my teaching even better for my kiddos!  My work with technology in my classroom and in my building has given me the opportunity to work with tech at all levels, and this has been very rewarding for me!

I have a wonderfully supportive family!  My husband is also a teacher and we enjoy summers off together, along with always bouncing ideas off of one another for school.  We teach at different levels, which makes for some interesting conversations!   I have two children, one heading off to college this fall (2020).  It is really amazing how time flies, they grow up so fast!  

We have two Mountain Feist dogs.  they are hunting dogs and always find something to bark at out the window!!  They are great family dogs though, and such cuddlers!  I mean who can resist that face:)

Thanks for stopping by!  I am so glad you are here! Let's learn and grow together!

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